About Us

We’re a company founded on simplicity, transparency, and affordability. We believe that every Global Citizen has the right to an accessible and affordable means to protect their income.

It is Xillo’s mission to make purchasing gold secure, fast, and as easy. Xillo is a tool that grows your money by keeping it backed by the gold value that will increase over time. You can add money whenever you want and take it out when you need it.

At Xillo we believe that Gold protects your savings, so we’ve made it our mission that everyone should have access to it in an affordable and secure way. We are committed to good corporate governance.

Making Purchasing Government-issued bullion Affordable by Introducing Fractional Ownership

Our story

What is Xillo

Xillo is a simple and cost-effective way to own physical gold, silver and platinum in quantities to suit all budgets, allowing you to purchase and own a fractional amount of gold, silver and platinum coins that are held securely in the Delaware Depository and/or Brink’s vault.

Government issued gold coins are unique in that they are considered legal tender and are produced by and recognized by the issuing government’s mint. Legal Tender coins are minted by the government only. This provides some credibility to the purity of gold coins.

Our trading platform features state-of-the art online security and is supported by fully audited processes to guarantee proper ownership of the physical gold. Our dedicated team of experienced professionals have come together from the gold industry, financial services, technology and the digital user experience, all with the aim of making gold available to everyone within Australia, Canada, South Africa, United Kingdom and United States.


We live in fickle times: a time of global financial uncertainty, where the dollar is worth less each day, the stock market is arguably in a bubble and cash deposits in our bank accounts pay out very low interest rates.

Precious metals are a part of the earth. Their supply is limited and they are physical assets, so in today’s world, they are also the rarest of things: a true store of value that will always be worth something.

Xillo is the simplest way to invest in precious metals. Accumulate gold, silver and platinum in fractional quantities, execute real-time trades from your computer or smartphone, and benefit from economies of scale inherent in partial ownership of bullion coins. And with your holding stored safely in our world renowned depositories, there’s no need to worry about security.

Gold an Alternative
Why should I purchase Precious Metals?

In uncertain times, precious metals are one of life’s few remaining certainties. Peace of mind is worth its weight in gold. Global gold output has been contracting since 2013, writes Business Insider, a phenomenon that’s reflected in shrinking gold mining reserves and fewer new mine projects and expansions. With the amount of gold dwindling each year, owning some gold may be better than owning no gold.

Few assets offer you and your family protection from political and economic uncertainty like gold and silver.

In these uncertain times you need to protect your savings, and one way to so is by diversifying.

The assets in your savings are your business. When making a cash purchase, your ownership of physical gold is completely private.

Gold’s reputation as the ultimate hedge against inflation is widely known. So, after years of fluctuating monetary policy from the Federal Reserve, it is not surprising that gold continues to shine.

Gold is more liquid than you may think. We and other institutions even go as far as now including your gold holding in our list of liquid assets, which means we may lend by keeping gold as collateral.

The demand for gold is everywhere even from governments themselves. Since 2010, national central banks have purchased an average of 501.9 tons per year, accounting for 7% of the annual global supply of gold.

As the demand for gold and silver increases, supply is under a great deal of pressure. Much of the gold ore that is ‘easy’ to access has been mined, leaving only the deeper ore that is more expensive to dig, lift, and process.


Worldclass Secure Storage

Your metals are stored at an approved depository. One is the Delaware Depository, the largest precious metals depository outside of New York, with locations in both Wilmington, Delaware and Seal Beach, California aswell as with Brink’s the largest non-bank, non-government holder of precious metals in the world. With us your metals are automatically insured up to $1 billion.

" Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value - zero. "
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