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Xillo is a digital investment gold platform, that allows you to buy and sell gold on a single platform in the form of fractional ownership of 1-ounce coins. You can manage your account easily and enjoy competitive buying and selling prices in the market. Forget the hassle of holding your physical gold, your gold is fully insured and stored in a vault with state of the art security. We make it simple, convenient, affordable, and accessible for everyone.

Government Issues Gold coins are unique in that they are considered legal tender and are produced by and recognized by the issuing government’s mint. Legal Tender coins are minted by the government only. This provides some credibility to the purity of gold coins.

Tax efficiency is another important consideration and both coins and bars offer excellent choices. You can avoid paying VAT when you buy either. However, investments in gold bars may be subject to Capital Gains Tax (CGT). On the other hand, investments in legal tender gold coins help you stay tax efficient.

Another important point to think about is storage. Gold coins have a distinct advantage in this respect. Gold coins are quite easy to store and are less obvious than gold bars when stored at home.

The gold coins we make available are minted by sovereign governments who guarantee each coin’s gold content, weight, and purity. Designs are approved by a legislative body and advisory committee, ensuring consistency and design integrity.

Fiat money in a bank account not only loses value permanently by way of inflation, it also no longer becomes your money once you deposit it with a bank – the bank uses it for their own purposes and owes you your money. Making it ever so more important that you protect your money by keeping it saved outside the banking system while allowing some within the banking system for day-to-day transactions.

There are no monthly account fees associated with a Xillo account, which means storage and insurance of gold is free of charge.

The Portfolio acts like a bank savings account, but is backed by physical gold that is securely vaulted and fully insured, on your behalf. The portfolio allows you to effortlessly save in investment-grade physical gold bullion in the form of a 1-ounce legal tender coin dependent on your country of citizenship.

The Portfolio represents your physical metal holdings (Gold, Silver and/or Platinum) you own with Xillo, and which are stored in the secure vaulting facility, on your behalf. The portfolio is denominated in percentages of an 1-ounce coin, and is the result of your buying and selling trades in metals on the application.

Due to Xillo’s gold digitalisation technology, clients are able to buy and sell any currency amount’s worth of this vaulted gold – thus allowing for both full ownership, or fractional co-ownership of gold.

The Xillo technology allows for Fractional Ownership of physically vaulted gold. Our technology digitises any bullion gold coin or bar that is added to the vault storage, and then making it available for sale on the platform.

The legal principle allowing direct ownership in owning any fraction of this digitised gold is one of co-ownership – this allows the user to enjoy full legal title of a portion (or full), of a gold coin in the vault.

The user therefore has no counter-party risk, as the user is the legal owner of the gold – regardless of the size of the fraction or portion owned.

There is no maximum or minimum on how much you can purchase. In the extremely rare cases, however, we may place a limit on purchases based on our stock of gold available for sale.

In the case of large suspicious transactions, the purchase may be paused in order to conduct an enhanced customer due diligence investigation.

The spot price for a precious metal is the current market price for that precious metal traded in the wholesale market for immediate delivery. Spot prices are price quotations for trading large standard quantities of a precious metal in the wholesale market, not individual bullion coins.

It depends on your region. All gold stored securely within the Delaware Depository and Brink’s vaults.

The security of your gold holdings is our top priority. All customer holdings are fully insured against loss or theft by Lloyds of London. As part of our commitment to safety, only the vaulting custodian has physical access to the vault holdings. Thus, no Xillo employee can enter the vault or access the holdings.

Storage and Insurance costs are free. In rare cases, when the amount of gold bought or uploaded exceeds certain storage limits, Xillo will quote a separate charge for its safekeeping.

Xillo only deals in and vaults 1-ounce coins. As such, gold withdrawals are in 1-ounce coins. Gold Withdrawals can therefore only take place in these denominations.

Once your request is submitted via the Xillo application, a member of our team will contact you to verify your particulars and make the necessary arrangements for delivery.

Deliveries can take anything from 48 hours to a few days, depending on the location of your request.

Please contact our support team via email on connect@Xillo.io.

Xillo is a start-up that creates simple and accessible Gold products for everyone. Founded in 2021 and headquartered in Delaware, United States. Xillo built a gold digital application – that changes the way you buy and sell gold.

Coins offer easier liquidity than bars due to their lower value denominations and legal tender status. Spreading your activity over longer periods of time to take advantage of different gold prices.

When it comes to precious metals, coins are one of the more widely known forms of gold ownership. Ever since King Croesus of Lydia ordered the first gold coin to be struck around 550 BC, civilizations around the world have been fascinated by the allure of gold coins, an allure that remains strong today.

Each purchase is backed by a portion of a real physical gold coin, stored securely within the Delaware Depository or Brinks Global vaults which is independently audited by Bureau Veritas, which is an LBMA approved auditor, every six months.

Either visit our website at https://xillo.io and choose the login or signup options or Download the Xillo application by clicking the iOS or Play Store download button in the navigation bar of the Xillo website, or search for Xillo on the respective Apple app or Google Play stores on your mobile phone.

Open the application and create your Xillo account in-app by following the easy registration and verification prompts.

The Xillo platform is a regional platform as a result of requisite licensing and regulatory environments. Xillo is currently available to citizens of Australia, Canada, South Africa, United Kingdom and United States.

The security of your gold holdings is our top priority. All customer holdings are fully insured against loss or theft by Lloyds of London via Delaware Depository or Brinks Global depending on storage location. As part of our commitment to safety, only the vaulting custodian has physical access to the vault holdings. Thus, no Xillo employee can enter the vault or access the holdings.

User holdings are audited monthly, detailing the number coins held with the vaulting custodian, which relates to the Xillo ownership register that is managed by Xillo’s proprietary technology.

To close your account, firstly sell all your holdings present in your portfolio account.
Once the above transaction has been completed, please contact us on connect@xillo.io, or click on Support in-application, to formally close your account.

When you save in gold with your Xillo account using the application, you enjoy direct legal ownership of the exact amount of the physical gold that you have purchased in specific coins (depending on your region).

Even if you purchase less than a full 1oz coin or 1kg bar, you are allocated as a co-owner of that specific coin. This co-ownership model is similar to the concept of undivided shares in a property’s title deed.

You can buy your gold anytime, anywhere using the Xillo mobile application. Xillo provides continuous pricing in-application.

The price is depended on the LBMA Gold Price the internationally recognised benchmark price for gold. Set twice daily (at 10:30 and 15:00 London UK time) in US dollars per ounce.

Xillo offers a buy price and sell price (a buy-sell spread) displayed live in the Xillo mobile application – there is a 3.99% transaction fee on all buy orders and a 1% transaction fee on all sell and redeem orders.

Xillo simply acts as bailee for your holdings, as evidenced by your Gold Ownership Certificate issued after a transaction. This means that you are the legal owner of the gold you buy on the Xillo platform, and we simply store and manage your holding for you.

Therefore, if anything were to happen to Xillo, you will retain full ownership of your gold holdings as it is your property. An appointed liquidator will be tasked to redeem or liquidate the precious metals according to the Xillo ownership register, which provides the relevant user metal holdings and links the client to his specific percentage of coins.

You can redeem your holdings any time you wish, simply tap Transact, then Redeem under the Gold tab in the Xillo mobile application, and follow the on-screen instructions to confirm your gold withdrawal. Our team will be in contact with you to verify your particulars and make the necessary arrangements for delivery or collection.

Open your Xillo application and Login. Tap Transact, and Redeem under the Transactions tab. Follow the on-screen prompts to submit a withdrawal request.

1% + insurance and a courier specific fee depending on the location for delivery.

You can withdraw funds from your Xillo account at any time by making a sell order from your Portfolio within the Xillo application

When you open a Xillo account and use the Xillo platform, you are agreeing to our Privacy Policy and our User Agreement.