$180 Million in Funding

With an aim to facilitate many thousands of job creation opportunities by the end of 2023.

Xillo was founded with the aim of encouraging, supporting and inspiring young people to achieve their ambitions. In the hope of providing mentoring, self-development workshops and career and networking workshops. Striving to provide young people from less privileged backgrounds with the support they need to develop their knowledge, skills and ambition to achieve their career goals.

At Xillo we are earmarking $180 Million for 2023 for the funding of short films, series, feature films and documentary productions from Africa that can be showcased to local and global audiences while facilitating many job creation opportunities by the end of 2023.

Creators like you are the driving force behind Xillo. To help you create more with fewer roadblocks, we’re always thinking about how to build better tools, create programmes that help you grow, and ways to give you an opportunity of benefitting from what you create to a local and global audience.