Gold the Choice is Clear

Giving Global Citizens the opportunity to own Gold in an Easy & Affordable way because everyone has the right to protect & secure their money.

Starting on your Gold Journey

You want to invest your money in a way that shows returns, but on the other hand, you need liquid capital to pay for a vacation, education or any type of unexpected expenses.

Easy & Affordable

Xillo makes it the easiest and most affordable way to invest directly in gold bullion. For centuries, gold has been the investment of choice, providing a safe haven and hedge against the loss of money, as well as providing a store of value during tough times.

Globally Recognised & Trusted

An advantage of owning Gold Bullion is that it allows investors to buy and trade gold on the international market in a form that is easily exchanged. Gold is a trusted and steady way of storing monetary value in a fixed asset.​

Uncertain times

Gold Bullion can offer an individual the benefits of an appreciating asset over time, with the near liquidity of cash in the bank, making this investment option very attractive to an individual who needs to navigate his options on a daily basis.

Serious About Security

We keep your Gold Bullion securely stored in a highly secure offsite storage facility where we conduct an independent audit twice annually of assets.

Choose your plan

There is something for everyone, where we have made it easy and affordable start with a Gold Savings Plan that allows you to accumulate your share in a Gold Bullion Coins.


$ 55 Per Month
  • gets you started with fractional ownership of Gold Bullion coin and within 4 Years get to own a 1oz Gold Bullion coin.


$ 95 Per Month
  • gets you started with fractional ownership of Gold Bullion coin and within 2 Years get to own a 1oz Gold Bullion coin.


Trading gold, silver and platinum has never been easier

Online management
Review and manage your portfolio's performance, all from within our easy-to-use, mobile-friendly, account area.
Physically Backed
All gold, silver and platinum is backed with investment grade LBMA approved metals.
Secure Vaulted
Stored in the Delaware Depository and Brink's vault, which is trusted by central banks and major financial institutions.
Complete Control
Buy and sell gold, silver and platinum all year round, so you never miss a chance to trade.


& INSURANCE on your Gold.

Buy and sell digital gold, all at the click of a button. Each purchase is backed by a portion of a real physical gold coin, stored securely within the Delaware Depository and Brink’s vaults.

Common Questions Asked

Please note that Xillo will offer to buy your Digital Precious Metals back at the live metal spot price minus a 1% fee.

Who is Xillo ?

Xillo is a gold fintech company that provides liquidity and financial services on physical gold – a digital investment gold platform, that allows you to buy and sell gold on a single platform in the form of fractional ownership of 1-ounce coins.

How Safe is My Gold?

Digitally, the Xillo app is built with the latest, privacy requirements. Physically, all client gold holdings are stored in the vaults of global vaulting custodians and fully insured by global insurers, with vault holdings audited twice a year.

All Gold is stored securely within the Delaware Depository and Brink’s vaults.

All customer holdings are fully insured against loss or theft by Lloyds of London.

Are There Costs Associated With A Xillo Account?

There are no monthly, storage or insurance fees related to a Xillo account, even though these services are included when opening an account.

Why Coins instead of Bars?

Coins offer easier liquidity than bars due to their lower value denominations and legal tender status. Spreading your activity over longer periods of time to take advantage of different gold prices.

Another important point to think about is storage. Gold coins have a distinct advantage in this respect. Gold coins are quite easy to store and are less obvious than gold bars when stored at home.

Start with Gold

Begin your journey with fractional ownership of Legal Tender 1-Ounce Gold Coins in an alternative Gold Savings Plan!